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Every person on the planet has their own unique path assigned just to them.  

Has your path found you?

Bob Logan

Bob Logan has walked many paths in life, both literally and figuratively. He is clearly comfortable taking risks and going against the flow, and he believes whole-heartedly in the transformative power of embracing change. In fact, that is one of his key messages – take the road less traveled, and you will marvel about what you learn from the people, places and opportunities along the journey.

Follow Bob as he shares stories about coaching football in Italy, raising millions of dollars for philanthropy, landing missions on Mars, serving the community through nonprofit board leadership and finally taking the spiritual pilgrimage of the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

Take a look inside

Let Your Path Find You is a first person account of a life well-lived. It includes Bob Logan’s three journeys to walk the iconic 1500 year old Camino de Santiago 500-mile pilgrimage across Northern Spain. From these three journeys, he came back to the United States a different person with a totally different perspective on life.  Logan decided to use these experiences to help others deal with the many obstacles we all face during our lives.  Through his engaging storytelling, he helps the reader take stock of their own lives and look at ways they might be able to change as well.

Here are a few takeaways:
• Overcome fear of failure
• Raise your ambitions and be bolder in your actions
• Live YOUR life, not the one other’s want you to live
• Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone
We are all on a long, winding path we call life. Let your path be yours. Capture it and follow it…





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"Bob Logan with his personal family stones at the Cruz de Ferro in 2012."

"Let the people talk!"

"This book is a fantastic collection of stories, life lessons, quotes, and most importantly, takeaways and things you can do to improve your own personal situation."
Kerri Strug
Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medal Winner
"This book really hit home for me. I have always preached about living in the moment, and clearly the message from Let Your Path Find You is exactly that. This is a must read.
Mike Candrea
University of Arizona Softball Head Coach, USA National Softball Hall of Fame
Looking for a book that will challenge your thinking and set you on a direct path to success?
Read Bob Logan's Let Your Path Find You...now!"
Dr. Kevin Leman
New York Times best selling author of The Birth Order Book and The Way of the Shepard.
"There are a million books on leadership and success, but not very many on how to navigate a life. Let Your Path Find You is that book. It is not perfect, but life is not perfect."
Jim Click
Founder and President, The Jim Click Automotive Group
"As a coach, I usually dislike sports cliches, but Let your Path Find You includes a few we all may benefit from in our lives. Work hard, get up when you're knocked down, treat people right and never give up."
Chuck Cecil
Asst Football Coach, University of Arizona, Consensus All-American, 1987 College Football Hall of Fame, 2009, NFL Pro Bowl 1992
"I would never write an endorsement without getting to know the author. Bob's book, Let Your Path Find You tells stories, shares experiences and provides strength and hope.
Buy the book! You'll be glad you did."
Clint Hurdle
Major League Baseball Manager, Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates